bidding adieu to a close friend.

Placeholder ImageI am not good at it, when it comes to putting my thoughts into words, but before things change, before we become busier than ever and before rest of our life starts, I am  giving it a try.
I could not remember how we became this close but I remember when we first met, and I didn’t think we’d be friends, but I was wrong, you are the perfect friend I’ll never have again. You are the intelligent, kind-hearted, brutally honest person, I have ever met. As the time comes for parting, I would like to say sorry if I have unknowingly hurt your feelings and caused you pain and with all the apologies, I also want to thank you for everything.
Well, I am not going to say goodbye because I know we will meet again, not quite sure where and when, but somewhere down the road, may be in some far off place. Even if we don’t talk ever again know that you are someone I can talk about anything and you are basically everything I want to be.

all the best.

2nd July

“2nd July”
just another day for most of you but not for everyone, not for me at least. 5 years ago On this day apex court of India discriminalized IPC section 377. The next day the news was on the front page of all news paper. That day my classmates started talking about it though not in solidarity with the topic but at least they were discussing. Though by then i knew i was different but I had never asked myself about my sexuality. That day i realised there exist different sexuality, there exist people like me, there exist a law which recognise it. Above all people who are proud of it, fighting from years to get their rights. That day i discovered a new me or may be I started to search my real identity within myself. Though it didn’t happen in couple of  days or a week. It was a long process, rather a very long one- months of conflict, disagreement.
Everything didn’t change that day but that day changed everything.
Happy Independence day to everyone